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Airwheel C5 Smart Helmet Makes a Big Difference in Riding Experience

Source:Airwheel beginTime 11/19/2016 11:08:07 AM

Abstract: Many people believe that wearing a helmet is important in outdoor cycling, especially cross-country riding. However, Airwheel C5 smart helmet not only ensures safe riding, but also gives riders great riding experience. It plays several roles at the same time, like camera and music player. Riders will feel ease and enjoyable in their bicycling journey.

It is well-known that a helmet is a must in outdoor riding, especially in cross-country riding. It aims at protecting riders' head. As a result, long time riding becomes monotonous. It will make a big difference if riders can take picture or videos, or listening to music anytime and anywhere.



smart helmet outdoor sports Safety



However, Airwheel C5 intelligent helmet made it, which just needs a simple click. The equipped lens is able to record high-definition images. Meanwhile, it provides wide shooting angle. More importantly, the built-in Wi-Fi modular paves the way for Airwheel C5 helmet for Extreme sports to connect with network and share the wonderful moments via some social media, like Facebook.



High quality sports Helmet



In addition, it is also inconvenient for riders to answer a call in the riding course. However, riders can answer a call at any time by pressing the answering button on the C5 sport camera. Moreover, it is able to filter out the external noise so as to ensure clear sound quality. Music is always a condiment in many occasions, especially in the long bicycling journey. The equipped sound box gives riders excellent music experience.
Airwheel C5 helmet heads up display makes a big difference in riding experience. On the one hand, riding is really safe and riders will be at ease. They can totally throw themselves into the riding. On the other hand, the cycling journey becomes interesting and enjoyable. The powerful record function makes every journey a beautiful memory, which will become significant experience in the life.

All in all, Airwheel smart helmet will lead the mainstream in the future helmet market.

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