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Keep the Sky of Modern City Blue with Airwheel Electric Self-balancing Scooter

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Abstract: The air pollution of modern city has become more and more terrible with the unlimited development of modern urbanization. According to some social researches, in some modern cities, it has just about 100 days in year for people to have a good view of the blue sky. In most days of a year, modern city is covered with fog and smokes.

Fog and smoke has become a common phenomenon for modern cities around the world. From the foggy capital in Britain to the smoky capital in China, people are striving to solve the problem of fog and smoke in modern cities.


Airwheel X6, intelligent self-balancing scooter


Recently, people living in modern city found that the main source of air pollution in modern city has become the continuously increasing amount of automobiles. Most of the transportation tools are powered by coal and gasoline which made the carbon consumption and release in the transportation field becoming higher and higher.

Many people and enterprises have made efforts to reduce the air pollution released by modern transportation tools through improving the function and performance of them. Airwheel electric self-balancing scooter, as revolutionarily new product, is striving to help people keep the sky of modern city blue through their improvements on the transportation tools.

Airwheel electric self-balancing scooter has carried over the designing concept of traditional electric scooters – small size and less weight. The shrink of size and weight of Airwheel electric self-balancing cycle has made it much easier than traditional transportation tools to motivate and drive. Less weight means less carbon and coal consumed to supply electricity the vehicle need. This is also a tendency in the transportation field to shrink the size and weight of transportation tools to protect the environment of modern city.


Airwheel X8, Standing Electric Scooter


Furthermore, many scientists and environmentalists are encouraging people to use electricity powered vehicles in modern city instead of gasoline powered transportation tools.

Airwheel electric self-balancing scooter is going to help people keep a blue sky for modern cities.

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