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Why Did Grace Have a Crush on the Boy Who Usually Rode an Airwheel Intelligent mini mobility self balancing scooter review?

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Abstract: Grace, a teenager, was overwhelmingly popular in the high school where she pursued her study. Boys who were secretly in love with her were in the majority. Of all her uncountable pursuers, the boy who occupied a dispensable place in her heart was the one who usually show up riding an Airwheel intelligent scooter.

Grace, a teenager who had already celebrated her 18-year-old birthday, was overwhelmingly popular in the university where she pursued her study. She was almost perfect in others’ eyes and was regarded as a model of purity, elegancy, and beauty owning a good heart at the meantime.

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There were, as a matter of fact, a considerable number of boys who usually driving various kinds of famed cars to school. Yet none of them ever won Grace’s heart however much they told her they loved her. To everyone’s surprise, it was the boy who rode an Airwheel Self-balancing Electric Scooter everyday in the campus finally turned out to be winner of the bloodless battle.

There were at least two points of the boy deserved to be furthered explained that were looked upon as attractive by Grace. According to Grace, it was the Airwheel self-balancing scooter which made him special among the ones who usually drove their private cars to school. When asked how she felt towards the boy she firstly met, she recalled that he was on a scooter and it made an unforgettable impression on her that he was the symbol of freedom, the kind of people that she had always dreamt to be.

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When they got to know each other better, she learned that one of the important reasons why he rode a scooter to the school instead of driving a car or taking buses was that the rolling of a scooter would emit no hazardous gases which threaten people’s high-quality living standard. And it was the common value of life and world that eventually bind them together.

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