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  • Airwheel Z5 personal folding electric scooter...

    The customer could carry it or put it into the backpack easily, which is regarded as one of the most eminent breakthrough of this intelligent scooter. The folded Z5 only covers only 1/2 of the trunk which can be easily stored in h...
  • The advent of Airwheel Smart Electric Bikes

    For now, many young staffs live in a room with limited space for storage and work in a cubicle with scant space to get about. Airwheel E3 helps them out, taking less space when it is stored in the corner. It is equally possible to...
  • Your precious vacations will need intelligent...

    As a portable, fast and low-carbon equipment, E6 electric bicycle becomes the best choice for vacation traveling except the application on the way home or office.
  • Conquer the World with Almighty Airwheel S5 self-balancing scooter

    Airwheel S5 is an upgraded version in S series due to its improved overall performances. The strong momentum and sustainable power supply come from the bigger battery capacity of 680wh in total.
  • Move with Music: Airwheel S5 2-wheeled electr...

    Airwheel C5 Bluetooth helmet is equipped with a Bluetooth headset and microphone. When C5 helmet heads up display is connected to the smart phone via Bluetooth, it can play music.
  • Travel with Airwheel Electric Scooter Coincid...

    To begin with, this kind of get-together brings different people together to share happiness. Airwheel intelligent power scooter advocates joy in travel whose products are designed with this philosophy.
  • Review on the design of backpack Smart E bike E3

    Subsequent to the arrival of Airwheel electric mountain bike E6, Airwheel backpack electric bicycle E3 saw the light of the day. Airwheel unveiled another member of E-series in recent days.
  • A Safe and Joyful Journey Is Guaranteed By Ai...

    Eco travelling has become the focus in the era when environment pollution is getting severe. To give riders a safe and joyful travel, Airwheel has promoted a versatile smart helmet, named C5 intelligent helmet.
  • My Airwheel S5 self-balancing scooter Accomp...

    S5 standing up electric scooter is equipped with two 16-inch tyres that are much bigger and wider than S3's. Then, there is larger contact area and friction force between tyres and ground.
  • Finish the Last Few Kilometers between Home a...

    In this summer, as greenhouse effect worsens, extreme weather and climate events frequently occur worldwide. The heatwave strikes many countries. However, even in extreme weather, office workers have to get to work everyday.