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The Reasons Persuade Consumers to Choose Airwheel Z8 Lightweight Electric Scooter

Source:Airwheel beginTime 3/11/2017 10:14:35 AM

Abstract: Earlier in 2017, Airwheel pushed out Z8. Just the day when Airwheel Z8 was released in Airwheel booth, numerous people swarmed into Z8 mini lightweight electric scooter because of its compact size, colourful design and safety consideration.

Though the news also said that Apple would introduce its own brand of electric automobile in 2020, people still believe Apple's action declares that the clean energy is the future of city transport.



Airwheel Z8



There are three reasons persuade consumers to choose Airwheel Z8. The first reason lies in its compact size. Some people saw the small size and tiny storage space of Airwheel Z8 in it. These people are mainly white-collars who usually take the public transportation to work. They seek for a simple life. The clumsy vehicle is impossible to win their support and love for it. Airwheel Global Z8 lightweight electric scooter caters to their demand. It can pack away and be folded into a small size. The use merely presses the button to fold the Z8. The adjustable operating rod makes it suitable for the whole families, as it can be adjusted according to the rider's height. After being folded, it can be easily took into the bus or metro. What's more, Airwheel Z8 is rather light. It only weighs 6.5 kg. Even a woman can lift it by either of hand. They usually take it into office and store it under the office desk after folding it.



Airwheel Z8



The second draw of Airwheel Z8 is its colourful appearance. Colourful appearance makes life colourful and full of vitality. The low-temperature painting technology enables Z8's appearance to become excellent and to have strong corrosion resistance, realizing longer service life. The magnesium frame, light and tough featured by strong impact resistance, improves the load capacity to 75kg. For purpose of safety, Airwheel Z8 small wheel electric scooter creates the mode of ride at night. The headlights and rear lights are equipped on Z8. The headlight will illuminate the road before the user and the rear lights will remind the pedestrians or drivers behind the user.

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