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Ride an Airwheel Electric Scooter: Take the Path Less Travelled by

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Abstract: Driving on the roadway, one’s perspective of looking at the world is dramatically restricted. With an Airwheel electric scooter by the hand, one would be fortunate enough to take a different panoramic view of the world that he or she has rarely seen.

The driving of vehicles like private cars, buses and motorcycles is usually limited on the motorway for the safety of other passersby walking on foot or riding a bicycle on the sidewalk. Driving on the roadway, one’s perspective of looking at the world is dramatically restricted as well. One cannot see other things that are beautiful on the earth except the cars coming and going and the buildings lined the road.

Choosing to ride an Airwheel Self-balancing Electric Scooter equals choosing to take the path less travelled by, which would enable one to understand the world he or she lives in from a new different perspective.

Airwheel S3 two wheel self-balancing electric scooter


One could be able to ride a one-wheeled unicycle to places where the wheels of cars, buses and subways would never reach. It could be a meandering tranquil path lined with trees and all kinds of flowers stretching as far as your eyes could see.

Then one would be lucky enough to take a breath of fresh air, have a glance of the beautiful scenery and even to hear the singing of the birds on the branches and to be intoxicated by the fragrance given off by the flowers.  Is it possible to see one similar to it when you’re driving on the roadway?

Airwheel S3 electric self-balancing scooter


With an Airwheel S3 intelligent scooter, one could choose a path by the river, which gives him the chance to have a good look at the things that might happen there. It could be an old couple accompanying each other enjoying the beautiful sunset by the river, or kids and parents playing games gaily with each other. Then why not take the path less travelled by with a scooter to see those beautiful sceneries?

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