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Relevance of Airwheel's Participation in CES, USA 2017

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Abstract: CES will be called in Las Vegas in the year of 2017 and last from 5 Jan. to 8 Jan. Reportedly, Airwheel lightweight electric scooters have been well-prepared for CES held in USA. In last months, Airwheel has been designed its booth and pick its exquisite models that are set to show off in CES at Sands Fitness Hall, Level 2, Booth NO. 45730.

Intelligent gadgets, like smart phones, unmanned aerial vehicle and air purifier have been widely applied to daily life. Airwheel creates its own intelligent electric scooters, which are full of creativity and originality.



CES 2017



This is the second time for Airwheel to take its public appearance in North America. Prior to this show, Europe and South America is the focus of Airwheel electric scooter. Therefore, CES has an implication for Airwheel. The latest technology and products will turn up and make their debut on CES. This is an excellent opportunity for anyone to show off their feats and excellence in products. Airwheel naturally will grasp this outlet to show its brilliant products to the public.



Airwheel R5



Even people see the details of the products from nearer sights; the amazing product details can still win their love. Like the Airwheel C5 and R5. Airwheel C5 sport camera is more than helmet to keep head safety, but also an intelligent equipment to have an intelligent travel. C5 supports a maximum memory of 128GB and can shoot continuously for nearly three hours. Now many people badly want to work out after work but have no time to practice their plan of working out. R5 electric moped bike with three ride modes of man-powered, power-assisted and electricity-assisted modes can live out their idea of working out after work.






The participation in CES will be a milestone for Airwheel intelligent power scooter. It is believed that Airwheel will gain its standing that it deserves in USA. Find Airwheel in CES at Sands Fitness Hall, Level 2, Booth NO. 45730.

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